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Design Thinking workshop in Bangalore

About the Program

DT101, Design thinking workshop in Bangalore, is an extended program that offers participants a deep dive into the powerful process of Design Thinking, to solve business challenges. The program offers participants an opportunity to learn and apply Design Thinking for hands-on application and feedback.

Leveraging simulations and activities which help explore dimensions of Whole-Brain Thinking, the program combines right-brain imagination with left-brain logic and analysis; increases the capacity for breakthrough ideas and insights that lead to success.

Through strong use of experiential techniques, Audio-Visual methods and “learning by doing” approach, the program helps participants walk away with new tools and experiences that are useful and innovative, in application and impact.

At the end, participants walk away with deep understanding and appreciation of the process of Human Centered Design, a changed mindset, and prototypes of possible solutions to challenges and opportunities they are dealing with.

Program Objectives:

  • Understand and experience User centered, Iterative Innovation through Design Thinking methods.
  • Explore the background, context and dimensions of opportunities and problems, learn research methodologies needed to capture data and create Insights and apply Design Thinking to various business challenges, to create solutions that impact employees better.
  • Use tools and techniques to break down barriers, move out of comfort zones and explore novel and experiential techniques to look at possibilities.
  • Challenge status quo, get out of comfort zones, explore new ideas and approaches to create innovative solutions.
  • Develop a collaborative approach to solving issues at work, engage in an exciting environment of co-creation and creativity.

Who is it for?

  • Business leaders, program managers, product leaders, engineers and software professionals interested to goo deep and beyond narrow ideas of UX and UI
  • Entrepreneurs and start-up aspirants to create meaningful understanding of Human Centred thinking, to build better products and services.
  • Function leaders and managers who would like to enhance stakeholder experiences – HR for employees, procurement for vendors, sales and marketing for customers – anyone in people facing roles who need to build better solutions and deliver better results.
  • Designers and Design Students to understand real design nuances and approaches beyond just technical know how.

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Mon 18 Nov 2019 until 19 Nov 2019