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Design Debate

DESIGN DEBATE: How Might We Build a Design Culture in our organisation?

2nd August 5:00 – 7:00 PM
At UBQT Design Thinking School

While organisations and teams are trying to build a culture with Empathy at the centre, it is not an easy journey of transformation. How can a company change from being product or process centric to truly HUMAN centric?

Sharing their experiences and successes on how they helped create that culture will be two stalwarts whose organisations have truly managed to create the culture where Design and Empathy are at the core of everything: Vinay Dixit, who is the Director of Experience Design at Adobe India, and Blessen Philip, who is the Senior Design Manager, 3M Design at 3M India.


About Design Debate:
An engaging forum where experts, users and bystanders come together to hear each other share ideas, insights and inspirations on design thinking.
An informal dialogue where experts discuss how they experienced and enabled Human Centered Design in their worlds, what worked and what didn’t. 

A forum to take Design Thinking to everyone.

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Fri 2 Aug 2019