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Blue Print Your Life

As we usher into the beginning of the year, it is a good time to stop and connect with where we have come, where we are and where we want to be and more importantly, how we want to feel and experience.

The program is loads of fun in a really high vibe environment to give you motivation, and loads of momentum and drive to keep creating positive change in your life and/or business.

Who is it meant for ? 

Vision boards have provide great success for all !
Especially  for individuals, corporate professionals, leaders, teachers and entrepreneurs.

How to use them? 

Placing a vision board in a spot that you will see it regularly, means that you do short visualisation exercises frequently throughout the day. Our mind is very clever at bringing to life what we focus on, and visualisation is a very powerful tool to turn your thoughts into reality.

What’s covered in this workshop? 

  • Review your life’s key areas
  • Clarity on goal setting
  • Connect within through visualisation meditations
  • Envision how you want to craft your vision and dreams
  • A vision board – pic collage art with your goals and some tips on how to fulfil them with the help of law of attraction techniques!

Note : Supplies for Vision Board will be provided, if you have extra scissors or magazines/photos you would like to use, please feel free to bring them. Feel free to bring any snacks that you may want to share too!

Sat 5 Jan 2019