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Agile & Design Thinking – Open Program

Agile & Design thinking – Open Program
21st-22nd June. 

Calling Software Professionals, Agile Practitioners, and Designers: How Design Thinking can make you better at Agile

According to IDC, 30-35% of IT projects still fail. Other research puts the figure upwards of 50%.

Many IT leaders believe that adopting Agile methodologies like Scrum will fundamentally address this issue. After all, applied correctly, Agile helps development teams iterate towards optimal outcomes by developing new solutions incrementally, with a focus on greater communication and collaboration.

Despite these merits, Agile alone is no guarantee that your teams will consistently deliver truly engaging, impactful solutions. While Agile can provide a highly effective way of solving problems, it doesn’t guarantee that you’re solving the right problems in the first place.

As Edward Hadley points out, a growing number of enterprise IT organisations have begun leveraging Agile in conjunction with Design Thinking. Whereas Agile is an approach to problem-solving, Design Thinking is an approach to problem finding.

It calls for a high degree of Empathy and understanding of end users, and an iterative process of developing new ideas, challenging assumptions, and redefining problems, with the goal of identifying alternative solutions that might not necessarily be apparent.

Design Thinking is a methodology that opens up new possibilities to build a better solution or product and provide a meaningfully better customer experience.

Agile complements Design Thinking to complete the full development cycle.  It defines an approach to delivery that allows faster time to market by emphasizing on collaboration over process.

Both these methodologies are key to transforming the working of a team / organisation and build an edge over competitors. Both methodologies are extremely popular across the world, and are often run in isolation.

What are the synergies between the two, the overlaps and the common threads, the dots that can get connected for better results? Can an Agile practitioner benefit from knowing Human Centred Design, can that knowledge help solve problems better, faster and more effectively, keeping Business, Tech and Human angles in mind?

Learn how Design Thinking and Agile work together to deliver tremendous results. How Design Thinking supports Agile and how Agile supplements Design Thinking…

Facilitator: Nagendra Nyamgondalu, Design Thinking, Agile & DevOps champion. Technologist with expertise delivering enterprise-class software products on Cloud and Internet of Things platforms. With 24 years of corporate experience with IBM and Honeywell


Dates: 21st-22nd June 2019
Time: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, both days
Fees: Rs.15,000 + 18% GST

Fri 21 Jun 2019 until 22 Jun 2019