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LAUNCHING 9th MAY, 2019:

Design Thinking Training Program: A 65-hour Journey into Human Centered Design

Why Design Thinking?

As we face rapid disruptions in the VUCA world, we realize that we have to upgrade our knowledge and skills to stay relevant. Automation and AI, globalization and business consolidations are impacting our future. Ubqt design thinking training program is an integrated program that covers human centered design thinking.

In this dynamic environment, we see that only leaders and managers with greater understanding of human beings, with greater creativity and emotional intelligence thriving in the world. These attributes help them understand their customers better, decode the changing world around them faster, and come up with better ways to solve problems. That lead to true innovation.

Design Thinking brings together key elements of design, emotional intelligence, business management and creative problem solving, to solve complex and critical problems, at work and in life. Which is why companies around the world, across industries, apply Design Thinking to win in the marketplace.


“Design Thinking is a method of meeting humans’ NEEDS and DESIRES in a technologically feasible and strategically viable way.”

-Tim Brown, ex- CEO & President, IDEO

What the Evangelist course is about? 

The Evangelist program is the most potent and powerful platform to master Design Thinking. In this program, you will not only learn the philosophy, principles and processes that make Design Thinking so effective, you will also augment your application abilities by learning a host of other skills.

This 65-hours program helps you:

  1. Become an Expert: Deepen and broaden your understanding of Human Centred Design through extensive exposure and experience,
  2. Become a Trainer: Learn to apply the mastery to lead innovation and training and coaching journeys by yourself
  3. Become an Innovator: Come up with great ways to solve complex challenges (“wicked” problems) through the most exciting, engaging and experiential tools and techniques.

What will you learn?

In this course, you dive deep to experience not just the power and nuances of design thinking, but also build essential leadership skills that help you develop greater emotional Intelligence.

With our uniquely designed  Evangelist design thinking master program, you will be able to master:

  1. Master empathising through extensive work on Listening, Observing, Questioning and more, that help you understand your CX and UX better
  2. Learn the principles of great design from practitioners and appreciate how the approaches empower you with new abilities and insights
  3. Practice Design Thinking through extensive project work in cross-functional, multi-disciplinary groups, with other professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Learn in a vibrant environment, learning through various unique experiential process that deepen and strengthen the takeaways.
  5. Become a master of Design Thinking at the end, ready to lead journeys that result in better products and services, better experiences and engagements, and better rewards in life and careers.

The Evangelist design thinking master program offers a rare opportunity to build deep understanding of Design Thinking as well as strong application capabilities.

Through a mix of classroom training programs and group coaching sessions, participants master the philosophy, principles and process of Human centred, Empathy driven, Prototype focused problem solving, this mastery helps them lead innovation projects, train their colleagues, and become champions of Design Thinking at work!


Design Thinking

The Design Thinking training program is a 2-day deep dive to offer you understanding and context to the process of Design Thinking. It pushes you to empathise before everything else, generate powerful insights into the realities of people you are trying to solve for, their hopes, needs, expectations and aspirations, helping you figure out the best ways to solve those problems. Through use of latest tools and techniques, the Design Thinking program gives you the right platform to start the journey, to apply the learning to the projects.

Emotional Intelligence

A one-day program fully experiential program on Emotional Intelligence to help you understand biases (unconscious and cognitive) that may get in the way of conducting research and discovering real user needs. And learn how to apply Emotional Intelligence to Question better, Listen actively and Observe for nuances

Data Analytics

A one-day program to apply Analytics to user/customer data, to make sense of the variety of inputs collected through empathy research. By applying Analytics to the data, you discover the insights into customer behaviours and actions, their feelings and interests, motivations and concerns, which help you discover the right problems to solve.

Ideation Techniques

Without good Ideation skills, you cannot come up with a diverse range of ideas, that can then lead to great solutions. And often, brainstorming sessions fail due to poor Ideation skills, where we either act critical or feel unsafe to come up with ideas. The 1-day program introduces multiple powerful and fun ideation techniques that can help you open your minds and be creative, and then converge on the best ideas that can be taken forward.

Story Telling

How do you tell the right story in the right way to the right audience for the right outcomes? A key element of the Design Thinking journey is the art of Story-Telling, of user experiences and prototypes. In this program, you learn the key elements of Story-Telling and practice to become good communicators, to improve the outcome of your prototype presentations.