Corporate Programmes

UBQT Design Thinking School, in partnership with The Painted Sky, is the leader in corporate training programs in Innovation. Leveraging Design Thinking, we offer clients bespoke programs that help participants become experts in Human Centred Design.

UBQT and The Painted Sky offer 3 levels of development opportunities to clients:

1. Skill Development

These include DT101, the essential 2-day Design Thinking Boot Camp program, where participants learn the Philosophy, Principles and Processes and apply them to workplace challenges and other relevant opportunities.

Shorter (1 or half day) programs are also offered in this space.


2. Capability Development

Along with training, the offerings also include Design Thinking Mentoring programs, where participants are coached and mentored on their Design Thinking projects by UBQT’s mentors, who offer them guidance and feedback, teach them new tools and techniques, and assess their output at the end of the journeys.

Mentoring programs make most sense when run after a DT101 training program.

3. Expertise Development

When the objective is to build deeper competencies to lead Design Thinking programs and projects, a unique blend of training programs and mentoring sessions. In this endeavour, participants go through further training programs (over and above DT101) that cover areas like Emotional Intelligence to develop greater empathising abilities,  Analytics to make better sense of data, Ideation techniques to conduct high-impact brain storming sessions and Story-Telling to present prototypes better.

When conducted in conjunction with project-based Mentoring sessions, these comprehensive suite of training programs create huge learning impact and lead to mastery in Design Thinking.

Other Programmes

We also offer programmes like ELOQuence, a specially designed programme aimed at augmenting Empathy Research skills. ELOQuence, which expands to Empathy through Listening, Observing and Questioning, is an invaluable programme for those wanting to deepen them empathising abilities, to discover more through research.

To know more about these and our other corporate programmes in Creativity, Innovation and Design Thinking, write to us at