About UBQT – The Design Thinking School

UBQT is a Design Thinking school not just to teach and train willing minds and hands, but also to build a community of farsighted and serious people who take the ethos of design seriously. A community that will bring design-led conversations and actions into everything we do, with a hope to make impact and lead to transformation.

At the UBQT Design Thinking School, we are:

  • NOT teaching design or making designers but covering design principles for better ideation and prototyping.
  • NOT training on UX and UI, but going far deeper and wider to understand context, appreciate real human desires and concerns.
  • NOT focusing on using Design Thinking as a problem solving tool but as a philosophy based on empathy and human centred approaches that lead to game-changing innovation.

The curriculum is a rich mix of diverse topics and subjects, delivered by industry experts and design practitioners, in our typical exciting and experimental ways. The focus is on developing skills of the future, that give us greater leadership confidence and capability to deal with the VUCA world.

We create a Vibrant Learning Environment that help build powerful skills that help you

  • Improve listening and questioning skills
  • Present better through powerful stories
  • Understand and appreciate Group Dynamics
  • Influence better for greater impact
  • Develop leadership skills with focus on outcomes, execution and resources

This will assist you to be more competitive in the market. Apply the best tools for problem solving in the world to solve critical and complex problems that can galvanise business results and individual careers. And be in the league of the top organisations.


Anirban Bhattacharya

Soni Bhattacharya

Ranjini Rao

Deepak Srinivasa

Monishita Bathija

Krishna Mohan

Karunesh Vir Vohra

Smitha Rao

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