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October 9, 2018

DT-101: The Essential Design Thinking Bootcamp

“Design is too important to be left to Designers.” Raymond Loewy’s famous statement was echoed by Tim Brown in his famous TED Talk on Design Thinking.

Our Design Thinking boot camp dives deep into the core values of design thinking. From Pepsi to Samsung, Honeywell to Accenture, Infosys to bank of America, companies around the world are adopting Design Thinking.
However, in many organsations we work with, Design Thinking is still limited to those whose jobs revolve more obviously around Design.

Product or UX Designers, primarily. And this, unfortunately, limits the access of Design Thinking exposure to the vast majority of employees, who can make a lot of difference to their work, to customers and to their organisations if they apply the principles and the processes.

At The Painted Sky, and now at UBQT Design Thinking School, we have pushed the envelop of decoding and demystifying Design Thinking so that everyone can apply the powerful process to get more innovative results. And we want to take Design Thinking wider, by conducting best-in-class Open programs at prices that are affordable to all!

Our next DT101 Design Thinking Bootcamp aims to do just that. Facilitated by Ms.Monishita Bathija, who brings two decades of experience with companies like Deutsch Bank, Sabre Corporation, and Fidelity Investments where she led the innovation charter, the 2-day program is the most potent and powerful introduction to Design Thinking.

This exciting and engaging program offers the BEST OPPORTUNITY to learn and apply Design Thinking in a series of simulations! Over 2 days

  • Learn and Apply Empathy Research to Discover User Needs,
  • Learn and Apply new age tools and Techniques to find the Right Problems to Solve,
  • Learn and Apply the most Innovative Brainstorming techniques to generate Ideas,
  • Learn and Apply experiential and Agile Prototyping and Test methods

At the end, get CERTIFIED in this powerful process, build your Empathy Research, Innovation and UX design capabilities

Don’t miss – register now for the most exciting program, run by the best faculty

  • Dates: 25th-26th October
  • Timing: 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM both days
  • Venue: UBQT Design Thinking School
  • Fees: Rs.15,000 + 18% GST (Rs.17,700). Avail a 20% discount by registering before 20th October!
  • Register at:
  • Or please call us at +91 80 25429311, +91 99025 26501, +91 74066 10475
Anirban Bhattacharya

Anirban Bhattacharya

Now Hiring! Founder at ubqt Design Thinking School. Founder at The Painted Sky.

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