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January 20, 2016

Arts Inspiring Design Thinking

As the momentum for the year picks up, we see how our two ventures are finding high synergy in the offerings we are bringing to clients.

I lead two start-ups which, for the last 5 years, have been pushing the envelope on Creative Thinking and Innovation in corporate spaces across the world.

The Painted Sky ( is the leader and pioneer in Art-Based Training Initiatives that are helping companies galvanise their People Development initiatives! Our trainings have been run across 9 countries, from the USA to Italy, from Singapore to China, from Muscat to India. For over a hundred corporate clients. Over 300 Art-Based workshops, for 1500+ participants. Using Painting, Theatre, Lego Serious Play and Music.

UBQT Design ( leverages Design Thinking philosophies and principles to help develop organisational and managerial capabilities, offering Consulting and Training services to clients keen to develop the next generation of User Centred products and services. Again, focusing on inspiring creative thought and original thinking, through asking questions.

And as a result of being good in two complementary spaces, we are cross-leveraging our Arts-Based training approaches to help leaders and managers develop Design Thinking abilities that can be applied to work, and life. These are exciting and experiential processes, highly controllable and can drive towards better results. From Empathy Research, through engaging Ideation BrainStorms to Prototyping and Testing.

Our Design Thinking trainings at The Painted Sky regularly use Painting, Theatre, Model-building, Lego Bricks and other methods, to develop Empathy, Ideate forcefully and create Prototypes. And our Consulting work at UBQT sees us regularly co-creating with clients using similar tools and methods, to help understand problems and find better solutions.

To know about how we are using Arts to inspire Design Thinking, please get in touch! 


A glimpse:

We are regularly using Improv Theatre based Role Playing and Painting in the Empathy stage.

During the Ideation stage, we use Forum Theatre to stimulate conversations and explore alternative and new ways to solve problems.


We augment the Prototype stage with more Arts – more Theatre to showcase the end state, or 3D Modelling (sometimes with Lego bricks) or Painting to represent the new end state.


For more details, write in to The Painted Sky or to UBQT Solutions. Or inbox me here!


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