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Design thinking is a formalized practice solving human needs as holistically as possible, with the full spectrum of success criteria in mind.

To know the real problem, we need to keep “human needs in the centre” and add empathy, be ready to experiment, collaborate with others and develop innovative solutions.


At UBQT, we help you develop a sense of value for design and place it at the core of the organisation. Our courses empower you to develop a culture that values empathy: observe, listen and understand stakeholders; be it customers and users, colleagues and shareholders. You learn to identify the right problems and garner the right attitude and skills to solve them. And create greater innovations that work. At UBQT, you get :

  • Learning Flexibility: Part-time courses for executives
  • Course Choices: 2 certificate courses on Human Centered Design
  • Individual Focus: Facilitator : Student = 1:10
  • Design Doing: Project focused. Field work driven.
  • World-Class Faculty: Experienced faculty. Industry leader visits. Idea cross-pollination opportunities s with peers
  • Networking Space: Students from across industries, design forums, expert get to come together

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"Design-integrated companies perform better because they innovate the human experiences while other companies innovate consumer products: those companies intuitively use Design Thinking as a cross-functional unifier that removes silos and promotes cross-collaboration around the passion and curiosity for solutions that, through the lens of their brands, will improve the life of human-beings, everyday."

- Yves Briantais, VP Global Design and Packaging, Colgate-Palmolive




Learn Design Thinking from the experts

Design Thinking can be implemented into any industry. It is surprising how it can impact people in industries like Fashion & Lifestyle, Technology, and so forth to think and perform better. It co-relates to various topics such as Blockchain, Analytics, Creative Thinking, and much more. Attend our workshops to get your Design Thinking journey started.